Buddhism in the Bavarian Forest

Bavarian Forest: Buddha is everywhere

Meeting in the Bavarian Forest near Thurmansbang

The Ngakde regional group of the Bavarian Forest regularly meets in the retreat center Tharpaling to practice and conduct rituals. Lisi Frischengruber gives meditation instructions and lectures in Buddhist philosophy following the Nyingma curriculum as instructed by Rinpoche.

Regular events in Tharpaling

Every Tuesday:

  • 6 pm Riwo Sang Chöd ritual and Sampa Lhündrup recitation
  • 7 pm: Philosophic lectures and introduction to meditation
Altar with Tormas in Tharpaling


Please contact Lisi Frischengruber if you are interested to participate:
Telephone: +49 8554 811 9 811
E-Mail: lisi(æ)ngakde.org