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Study und Practice

Weisheit und Mitgefühl entwickeln - erleuchtete Gemeinschaften aufbauen

Welcome to the pages of the Buddhist community Ngakde. Our aim is to develop wisdom and compassion to build enlightened communities. To achieve this, we explore and learn Tibetan Buddhism in a systematic study.

The foundation of the study consists of lectures on philosophy, practical instructions on meditation, independent practice and rituals performed together. The content of the study is compiled by Ugyen Rinpoche, a realized Lama who knows how to convey traditional Buddhist teachings in a way that they can be understood and practically applied in our time and culture.

Retreat Center and Regional Groups

Ngakde operates the Retreat Center Tharpaling in southern Germany where we organize regular retreats, seminars, and lectures. We also have a growing number of Regional Groups in southern Germany and Austria where we meet on a regular basis to practice, meditate, listen to formal teachings and informal talks on current topics from a buddhist perspective. If you come from further away please feel free to contact us via email.

Reading List

Rinpoche maintains a Reading List with literature on different topics and the recommendation to read the books in the given order.

Ngakde ‐ Meaning

In the old Tibet, Buddhists lay practitioners are called Ngakpas. Ngakpas have a family and household, have a job and integrate Buddhism into their daily lives. On the one hand, this is easier because Ngakpas do not have to follow the same extensive and complex vows as nuns and monks. On the other hand, it is also more difficult because there is no clear, regulated monastic everyday life, which makes it easier to follow the Buddhist principles and live accordingly. Ngakde is just the name for a community of Ngakpas.

As an international organization Ngakde has branches in Europe and Canada. Under the care of Ugyen Rinpoche, the members of Ngakde cultivate their spiritual development through traditional training and meditation. The association works to create enlightened communities that help people transcend their fixed and one-sided material lives.

Our members come together to receive philosophical and spiritual teachings and participate in regular group meditation. Members receive personal guidance in their development, study and come to practice in undisturbed retreats in the Center Tharpaling.


The beginnings of the Ngakde Buddhist Association date back to 2001 when the first Ngakde center, Drubde Nyernga Thugtsel Ling, was founded by Ugyen Rinpoche according to the empowerment of Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche.

The Yogas

The yogas of the Ngakpas are designed to meet the needs of all who wish to practice the Dharma, regardless of age, education, gender, or social standing. This is why these practices are among the better known Buddhist practices in Western society.

For newcomers

Entering the Buddhist world can at first be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of new terms and many unfamiliar concepts, some of which can be quite confusing and even contradict our normal habits. Therefore we regularly offer introductions to Buddhism and meditation in our Retreat Center Tharpaling and the Regional Groups.

Ngakde Events

Event and Retreat Overview

Find out about all the events organized by Ngakde and the Regional Groups. Due to the Pandemic many events have been transformed into Online sessions...


Ugyen Rinpoche is a Tibetan-born Lama and lineage holder of the non-monastic Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. He understands how to teach the Dharma according to our modern culture and society while preserving the traditional roots of Buddhism...

Teachings and

In the center, texts are studied and recited together as individual practice, group recitation or in rituals lasting several days (Sadhanas). Ngakde translates texts from Tibetan and English into German and also makes them available in the traditional printed Pecha format.

Retreat Center

Picture of the Tara statue of the main altar shrine

The main meditation temple (Gompa) of our center Tharpaling was extended in 2019 to offer comfortable space for 60 practitioners. With the new hygiene regulations the Gompa can still hold up to 15 participants with sufficient distance. Nevertheless...


The Sangha is the Buddhist community. Sangha members meet regularly in the retreat center Tharpaling and in the regional groups to listen to lectures, practice together or deepen their own meditation practice in a retreat. Most in the Sangha are also members of the association, although this is not a prerequisite for their own practice.

Regional Groups

The Sangha also meets regularly in regional groups. The regional groups also organize meetings, Pujas and lectures. All the details can be found on the related pages.