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The systematic study of Ngakde Shedrup is very varied and consists of lectures, seminars, practice retreats and of course one's own meditation practice. Some parts of the study are carried out as presence events, which are normally held in our Retreat Center Tharpaling. Due to the current pandemic most of these events cannot take place as planned. Once the doors of our retreat center open again it will be announced here. In order to be able to continue studying and practicing, there are now also Online offers in the program.

Summer Retreats in Tharpaling

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All summer retreats the overview.

01. Jan. 2021 bis 31. Dec. 2021
Mittelfranken (Online Event)

Rezitationen (online)

31. Jul. 2021 bis 07. Aug. 2021
Tharpaling (Online Event)

Retreat für Guruyoga Praktizierende (Option 1)

10. Aug. 2021 bis 17. Aug. 2021
Tharpaling (Online Event)

Retreat für Guruyoga Praktizierende (Option 2)

Past Events 2021

An overview of retreats, online lectures, seminars and Pujas in the last years. The digital archive begins at the end of 2016.

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