Retreat Center

Tharpaling (Island of Liberation) is Ngakde's retreat center offering seminars, retreats, pujas and sadhanas (meditation rituals). Beautifully situated in the Bavarian Forest, far away from the hectic everyday life of modern cities, Tharpaling is a very special retreat place.

Important Notice:

Due to the pandemic, Tharpaling will remain closed until further notice! Where possible events are streamed Online.

Photo of the retreat center Tharpaling in the German Bavarian Forest

Our offers especially for the newly interested

In the center Tharpaling regular events including retreats, pujas, seminars and lectures take place. Ngakde members can register Online for all events. Current events can be found on the Events-Calendar. Further information can also be requested by telephone or e-mail. Non-members please register directly via the contact information below.

5-Day Retreat for Newly Interested

In summer Ryan Grigor will give a 5-day retreat for newly interested with in Tharpaling, Germany.

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation introductions and personal consultation are possible at any time. Please contact Ryan Grigor for further information.

Incense Ritual Riwo Sang Chod

Introduction to the offering ritual Riwo Sangchö. Seminar with Pascal Bedoret, recitation exercises, preparations required to practice the offering ritual, practical exercises and daily performance under guidance.

Program Overview

Overview of events in Tharpaling. Members can register Online. New interested parties who do not have an account with Ngakde yet please use the contact data below for further information and registration.

12. Aug. 2022 bis 13. Aug. 2022

Vajrasattva Tsok Puja (Ngöndro und Guruyoga)

Große Vajrasattva Tsok-Puja für Ngöndro und Guruyoga Praktizierende, die an der Vajrasattva Einweihung am 6. August teilgenommen haben.

14. Aug. 2022 bis 20. Aug. 2022

Guruyoga Retreat

Retreat für Guruyoga Praktizierende mit Belehrungen aus dem aktuellen Curriculum.

    22. Aug. 2022 bis 27. Aug. 2022

    Vajrasattva Belehrungen (Mahayoga und Trekchö)

    Belehrungen zur Durchführung der Vajrasattva Praxis für Mahayoga und Trekchö Praktizierende, die an der Einweihung am 6. August teilgenommen haben. Die Ausführungen bilden die Basis für die Durchführung der Sadhana und der täglichen Praxis.

    28. Aug. 2022 bis 30. Aug. 2022

    Vajrasattva Sadhana Retreat (Vorbereitung)

    Vorbereitung der großen Vajrasattva Sadhana (Mahayoga und Trekchö Praktizierende).

    31. Aug. 2022 bis 11. Sep. 2022

    Vajrasattva Sadhana Retreat (Mahayoga und Trekchö)

    Durchführung der Vajrasattva Sadhana (Mahayoga und Trekchö Praktizierende mit Einweihung) bis Donnerstag 9. September. Am Samstag, den 10. September erfolgt die Vorbereitung der die Feuerpuja die am Sonntag den 11. September als Abschluss der Sommerretreats durchgeführt wird. Weitere Informationen zur Organisation gibt es nach der Anmeldung.

    Directions and Contact

    Unless otherwise indicated, please contact the telephone number or e-mail address given at the coresponding event description for further information and bookings.

    Important Notice:

    Due to the pandemic, the Tharpaling Center will remain closed until further notice! Some events will de streamed Online.


    Tharpaling is located in the Bavarian Forest in Germany between Passau and Deggendorf. Ngakde members also meet regularly in Regional Groups in Germany, Austria and Canada.


    Phone: +49 8554 943666 0
    Email: tharpaling(æ)
    Schartenweg 11
    D-94169 Solla